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Camping Area Features

Topsy Creek Coastal Camps are the most popular camps on our Kowanyama lands, particularly for those who are visiting with families. 


The campsites themselves sit along Topsy Creek and have access to the river.  This means, besides relaxing and enjoying the environment, campers can fish either from a boat or off the beach where the Topsy Creak meets the Gulf of Carpentaria.  Boats can be moored nearby.


Both crabbing and fishing are good at Topsy.  Common catches include grunter, silver and pikey bream, barramundi, king and blue salmon, trevally, queenfish, and black jewfish.


Location (approximate readings):

Map reference -15.49, 141.49.  Latitude: 15°29'52.62"S and longitude: 141°28'58.66"E.



4-wheel drive is recommended.


Number of sites

There are 4 sites along the Creek, each with a drop toilet. There is a maximum allowance of 15 people per site.


Camp sites are suitable for:  self-sufficient camping, fishing, bird watching.



Except for a drop toilet at each site, there are no facilities, so campers must be self-sufficient and bring all their necessities. All rubbish (including food scraps) must be carried out. If campers decide to use their own toilet facilities, they must protect environmental water quality by ensuring their personal toilet areas are located at least 100 metres from the creek. 


Generator use: Allowed.


Camp firesAllowed unless otherwise notified.



The carriage or possession of alcohol or drugs is not permitted anywhere on Kowanyama lands including campsites.


Mobile phone coverage: None.


Additional Information 

Campers should read the document, “More Information for Campers” as well as the required reading, “Kowanyama Camping Terms & Conditions”.



The sites are entirely remote and not attended or patrolled. All users of these sites and facilities do so entirely at their own risk. Crocodiles are native residents and have been spotted at all locations. In confirming this booking, you accept all responsibility and recognise the risks associated with the site.


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