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Kowcamp usually has campsites in four locations.


Click on one of the photos above to read about a location..


We welcome you to our Kowanyama camping sites

where we enjoy sharing our country with visitors.

Kowanyama boasts some of the most beautiful, pristine and rugged camping experiences anywhere in the world.

Located approximately 600km by road from tropical Cairns, visitors can travel via Chillagoe along the Burke Development and Kowanyama Roads to reach this breath-takingly beautiful and serene location.

A majority of the road is dirt and travel time from Cairns varies from 8 - 12 hours depending on road conditions.

It is also possible to access Kowanyama by road from the south via Karumba

and Normanton.


Four wheel driving is recommended for getting to Kowanyama and is essential for getting to the campsites. If towing a boat or trailer, you should be prepared to deal with rough roads and 4WD conditions.

During the dry season, access by four wheel drive is also possible from Pormpuraaw to the north. Although only located 120km away, this track is 4WD only and requires extreme care and caution as the road is not usually graded and has several creek and river crossings.




  • Fish well back from the water

  • Do not moor boats or fish for any length of time in one spot

  • Do not fish snags for too long from a boat or from the shore

  • Do not leave food scraps and fish offal and frames on the river’s edge or near camps

  • Do not clean fish at the waters edge

  • Be aware when launching and retrieving boats

Fish/Crab size and catch limits

The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries impose strict limits on catch numbers and size of marine life in the gulf. These waterways are regularly patrolled and fines and penalties can be significant. To keep up to date with the constantly changing limitations.

The Kowanyama Code of Conduct

  • Leave your guns and dogs at home.

  • Leave all gates as you find them.

  • Light fires only at the designated spots at your campsites.

  • Leave a clean campsite and take your rubbish with you.

  • Catch only what you can eat and follow the fisheries size catch and possession limits.

  • Stay only in designated campsites and areas.

  • Do not enter other areas without permission.

  • Stay on the main tracks only.

  • Toilets are provided.

Respecting the Kowanyama code of conduct ensures that the beautiful resources of this country can be enjoyed by many and help us to maintain the natural sustainability of the region. 

In relation to Alcohol Restrictions please refer to the following link.

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