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The Mitchell River Delta country, like many of our remote Gulf of Carpentaria river systems, is very special for us all.

We welcome you to Kowanyama to share our homelands and our country. It is a place we know well and one that is very close to our hearts. As a visitor, it is a privilege to enjoy this beautiful area, and we ask that while you are here you be aware of the rules that must be adhered to, There are restrictions on access to many of the areas, as well as restrictions on times they can be accessed.


Whilst traditionally most visitors to Kowanyama come to enjoy the experience of fishing in such a remote and unique area, there are many visitors who are simply passing through the country as they move north or south exploring the unique Cape York Peninsula.

Whatever your reason for coming to visit, please remember that bookings are essential.

You must make your booking before arrival as you may be asked to move on if no sites are available.


The Camping season starts on June 1st of each year, (depending on weather and road conditions) and finishes at the end of Barramundi season, which is traditionally around the end of September/beginning of October.

Camping is restricted to four different locations: Topsy Creek, Wonga  Bull Crossing, Surprise Creek, and Shelfo.


With a maximum of four camps at each location, each camp is further restricted to only allowing three vehicles per site. These controls on numbers ensure that not only will your visit be "remote and undisturbed" but also that the pressure on the environment and in particular on the fish stocks is minimised, hopefully meaning that everybody will get their fair share.


Minimal or no facilities are provided at each campsite due to annual flooding and in order to maintain the wilderness attraction of the area. Visit the individual campsite pages to explore what is available at each site.

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